Hyundai Starex

Hyundai Starex

Air condition

The Grand Starex makes a statement of luxury and class with its progressive urban design and robust engine performance. The Grand Starex sets the standards of luxurious interior comfort and practical design. The multi-purpose seating, full length side windows, and ample space for various equipment only shows that this hard-working carries takes priority on the passengers’ comfort. The Grand Starex carries families, friends, and colleagues effortlessly and gracefully with its renowned character exuding honor and style. With nine or twelve seats, it has all the space you need.

The Electronic Stability Program (ESP) can activate one or more individual brakes depending on which wheel can increase driving safety the most and control the throttle to lessen the speed at which the car is traveling.

The Grand Starex delivers excellent performance and fuel economy. For optimum weight distribution and dynamic balance, the front-mounted engine powers the rear wheels. Passive safety features include a sturdy body/chassis unit, duel air bags and anti-lock brakes.

The powerful air conditioning system has been re-engineered in order to incorporate roof mounted air vents each side for the added comfort of passengers seated in the rear.

The rent process went smoothly and effortlessly for us. Thank you for your amazing service and for cars!

Jessica Wang

Definitely the best in this service! I appreciate how you made my trip enjoyable and more comfortable!

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